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Valist 🤝 Peeranha: Partnership Announcement

Vanshika Rana

January 17, 2023

Hey everyone! 👋

We are delighted to share the news that Valist and Peeranha have joined forces in a new partnership!

Communities are fundamental for the growth of Web3. By providing a platform for users to connect and share ideas, Web3 communities help to foster innovation and collaboration. These communities also help to spread awareness of the potential of Web3 and its advantages over traditional web platforms. Furthermore, Web3 communities are important for the growth of Web3 because they provide a place where developers, entrepreneurs, and investors can come together to discuss potential projects and investments.

By working together, our goal is to create an environment where all our community members and protocol enthusiasts can offer their feedback, ask questions, and assist us in our efforts to improve in any way they can.

What is Peeranha?

Peeranha is a decentralized questions and answers protocol for Web3. It streamlines knowledge discovery in Web3 and improves community management with automation bots. Peeranha creates incentives for users to contribute and gives ownership of the knowledge back to the community, and preserves it by storing it on the Polygon blockchain and Filecoin/IPFS.

What is Valist?

Valist is a cross-platform software deployment protocol for developers and DAOs to securely deploy and update software and games while building an on-chain reputation. It’s a one-stop solution to seamlessly ship any kind of software to your target users with the power and security of decentralization.

“Community can make or break your product!”- Word from Leadership

“Community has been the core of Valist Protocol since Day 0 — building a new software deployment infrastructure requires a great interface for coordinating community knowledge. It is a huge gap in the Web3 space, and we’re super excited to bridge that gap with Peeranha.“ Alec M. Wantoch, Valist Co-Founder & CEO

“People will directly benefit from the new knowledge-sharing system as it encourages the community to show their expertise and contribute to their peers, receiving recognition for it. Peeranha and Valist will collaborate to create an easier way for people to get quick support and information about new projects and technologies in Web3 space.” said Sergey Ilin, CTO and co-founder of Peeranha.

What are we working on?

Through this partnership, we anticipate offering an incredible platform for our community to interact with us and give us their thoughtful feedback.

We have established a Valist Community page on Peeranha that we can use to effectively communicate our deployment protocol to the community by taking advantage of Peeranha’s impressive knowledge base protocol. All of the contributions to this page are stored on the blockchain, so they are kept safe forever. Peeranha also rewards users who contribute and returns the ownership of the knowledge to the community while preserving it on the Polygon blockchain and Filecoin/IPFS.

Who will benefit from this partnership?

  • Developers and Contributors — the amazing devs and contributors of our community will be able to share their knowledge, not just about the protocol but even different topics, and get rewarded for their amazing contributions.
  • Community Members — This platform allows you to ask any questions about the protocol, the SDK, or anything else, and guarantees that your questions won’t be overlooked or forgotten because they’ll be stored on the chain.

This will also help us in keeping a carefully organized list of questions which will be beneficial to new members of Valist, making it easier for them to find answers, converse with other members, and become familiar with the platform.

Automation Bots

Peeranha provides incredible bots to automate laborious tasks and ensure that our community is always aware of the newest information. These bots serve as a connection between our existing platforms such as Discord, Telegram, etc., and Peeranha, making it simple to stay on top of everything across all of the platforms.

Peeranha has several bots with different capabilities, one of which is connecting to social media networks. This enables users to ask questions on the website without ever needing to leave it. All they need to do is tag the bot when they have an inquiry and the bot will take charge by sending the question out to different parts of the community.

Join The Community!

Be sure to join the Peeranha and Valist networks and take advantage of all the incredible possibilities we provide! You can connect with other individuals who share your interests, and find new ways to bring your ideas to life. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!









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