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Openfabric 🤝 Valist Partnership

Alec M. Wantoch

June 29, 2022

Today we are super excited to announce a partnership between Openfabric and Valist!

The advent of web3 has brought countless innovations around the way we process and distribute data, applications, and software.

Openfabric is building an open, community-powered machine learning network, that connects users with service providers in a decentralized way.

Valist is building web3-native software distribution platform for developers and DAOs to securely publish, update, and monetize software and games.

Together, Openfabric and Valist are teaming up to ensure seamless integration, and a flourishing ecosystem of AI models and fully distributed software.

Message from the Leadership

Here’s what the CEO of Openfabric, Andrei Tara has to say about the partnership:

“Openfabric and Valist share a common vision regarding the power of communities of developers and the exponential outcomes that can be achieved by enabling collaboration at a planetary scale.”

On this occasion, Alec CEO of Valist expressed the following sentiment:

We’re excited to connect Openfabric’s machine learning network with Valist’s software distribution platform to strengthen decentralized infrastructure and expand the possibilities for developers working on critical ML problems.

How our users win from this Partnership

Benefits to Valist users:

  • Developers with machine learning use cases can easily tap into a growing ecosystem of models
  • Developers can share their models in a unified platform in the same place they are publishing their binaries, source, Docker images, and other artifacts
  • App consumers can discover machine learning applications in the same place they are discovering other web3 applications.

Benefits to Openfabric users:

  • Openfabric developers can publish and share their models into a wide ecosystem of web3 applications, enabling Valist projects to easily discover and integrate them
  • Openfabric developers can publish their models with their web3 identity, building Proof of Contribution as they publish and connecting their on-chain reputation with their existing identity
  • Node operators can download and maintain their binaries in a web3-native way, without relying on centralized components for software updates

Join the Community!

Make sure to join the Openfabric and Valist communities, and check out what you can do with the platforms!

OpenFabric AI - Community on telegram: telegram

Join the Valist Community: Discord

Learn More!

Check out the Openfabric article:

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