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Hanging Tower Spotlight: Multiplayer in Web3!


November 10, 2022

What is Hanging Tower?

Hanging Tower is a metaverse blockchain game where users can play classic block building games. Users have to add maximum blocks in time, and users can also use multiple power ups in multiplayer mode. Users can also interact with voice chat, earn free daily rewards, buy coins with decentralised finance and get NFT in-game items.

Play Hanging Tower in your browser on Valist now!

Sick! How would you explain it to your grandma?

Hanging Tower is a fun and challenging block building game where you have to carefully construct a large skyscraper tower using sliding blocks that will pile on top of one another!

One by one, time the click to perfection so it is perfectly aligned and your tower is headed straight up to the skies!

Nice! What’s the inspiration behind Hanging Tower?

The Inspiration was our childhood, where we played a wooden stacking tower game.

Ooooh sickkk, mind going a bit deeper into that?

In our childhood, we used to play on old game console where 2 players can play together. But yes that time pixelated 2D games were there. So we thought to recall our childhood memories and create something cool with 3D and multiplayer technology on web3. As most of the web3 games are focused on Play To Earn so they are less focused on entertainment, but we aimed to maintain game entertainment with all new Web3 features.

That’s definitely the ideal energy, love the focus on fun over P2E. What is your tech stack?

Yes. If we talk about tech stack then we have used Unity game engine to create core web3 libraries to interact with blockchain and smart contracts. Polygon Mumbai Testnet to deploy Solidity smart contract, Chainlink used to get random number in daily spin, IPFS/Filecoin used to store NFT image and metadata. And most importantly, to host this game we used Valist which gave us the best performance to host our game, that is surprisingly free.

Seems like a solid stack! How are you currently thinking about security?

We have good experience in game development but in blockchain we are still learning, that’s why we deployed on testnet. We are doing research on security to store user data more safely and take care of cheating preventions by using different encryption techniques.

Love that the team is thinking ahead!

Unity or Unreal Engine, which is your favourite?

Unity because of the community, accessibility, and updates with new technologies and features.

Fantastic, Unity does have a sick community.

Why is the game built on web3?

Yup. Me and my team always would like to learn about new technology and learn what’s in the current trend. We worked in 2D, 3D, AR, VR, MR all technologies but blockchain was pending for us. So a few months back we started to learn about blockchain development, and we are using Unity game engine so it’s not easy and compatible as native web integration, but we started learning. With the help of a hackathon we put our new ideas into action and try to fulfill them in all possible ways. And after exploring different games we found that games are not as we play on normal web2 or PC, mobile games. They are more focused on P2E and less entertaining so we thought to create entertaining games with web3 features. And we will continue developing more entertaining games in the upcoming future.

Very very nice, so what’s your take on gamers hating NFTs?

We cannot force players to buy NFT like we see in most of the web3 games. So in our game we made NFT as part of the game but not mandatory to buy for money.

Our game is free to play and play and earn model. So players can play the game, gain some in game coins and mint NFT. We use NFT to secure the player’s game item on blockchain so that their progress can be there for a lifetime. So that free and optional NFT will solve the gamer’s issue.

This seems like an interesting way to tackle it, definitely looking forward to seeing how it goes when you go mainnet!

Did you previously hate the NFTs?

In starting I really didn’t hate it because the purpose was so good for artists and keep it unique but then people started creating junk from tools like generating 10k-100k from some images, that disappointed actual unique artist work. But yes now I don’t like much about NFT but still I don’t hate.

Interesting take on NFTs and we definitely agree with you on the generated 10k pfp NFTs just for some quick cash.

Why did you publish on Valist? How easy or hard was publishing?

I have used different platforms earlier to publish games but Valist is best and easy to publish games or apps. What I really like is zero fees, use of IPFS and great server performance which we can not get even if we pay for some low cost shared server and the team of Valist is really supportive and motivate developers in every possible way.

Thanks so much, and our absolute pleasure 🙏

Can you please give feedback on Valist? (positive and negative)

Welcome and yes feedback is I shared with reasons, 100% positive. if you ask me to rate out 10 then my answer is 10.

Thanks so much! Any other thing(s) you’d love to add?

My pleasure. Lastly I want to thanks the Valist team for such amazing platform.

How to Play Hanging Tower!

Play Hanging Tower in your browser on Valist now!

To learn more about ThunderGameStudio (Thunder Game Development Studio - Game & Interactive Software Development, Designing Studio) visit their website:

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