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Web3-native software distribution platform for developers and DAOs to securely publish, update, and monetize software and games.

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Developers and DAOs can collaboratively publish and securely update software without relying on centralized tooling, all while building Proof of Contribution.


Game and app developers can monetize their products with Software License NFTs, enabling a community-powered marketplace free from exploitative app store fees.

Save Time & Money

Valist saves developers, organizations and individuals time and money from hosting charges and fees that is necessary to ship and scale dApps and games.


is today's standard for centralized marketplace fees.


is the fair web3-enabled marketplace fee that Valist enables.

Why Web3

Web3, simplified

Valist connects multiple decentralized networks and wraps them in a clean, easy to use interface.

No need to have any web3 experience to get started -- Valist handles everything for you. When you're ready to dig deeper, you can plug in your own infrastructure and build with the SDK and APIs.


Since Valist is powered by decentralized networks, it does not require a single entity to power the system. Valist can always be accessed if you can get access to the internet.

What good are secure messenger apps if you can't deliver them when you need to?

You can always run a Valist relay yourself and connect it to your own infrastructure, which strengthens the ecosystem and removes the need for a 3rd party. If you're a web3 company, you likely have this infrastructure already.


The web3 ecosystem has driven adoption of wallets powered by cryptographic keypairs. By leveraging this mass deployment of public key infrastructure (PKI), Valist leverages the same mechanisms that power multi-billion dollar crypto networks to secure the software delivery process.

PGP wishes it could convince people to generate keys the way web3 has!

Developers are self-adopting web3 identities, and continue to build on-chain reputation. This global record allows Valist to link developer identities directly to their code, in a publicly verifiable way.

Cost effective &

Valist keeps your files stored on networks like IPFS and Filecoin, which have abundant storage resources. By using peer to peer payments, Software Licenses can be created as NFTs instead of relying on a payment processor.

For example, Steam and Apple take 30% fees -- and yet they do little to redirect this capital in ways that benefits developers the most.

By creating a community-powered system, Valist can redirect more of the hard earned capital back to creators, and the community that supports them.

How it works

Secure on-chain registry

Valist uses smart contracts to create an on-chain registry that manages usernames, projects, releases, and all access control functionality.

Software Licenses and Proof of Contribution are powered by ERC-1155 contracts controlled by Valist Accounts, and respect the access control settings.

Distributed Storage

Valist uses IPFS and Filecoin to store and replicate the data referenced in the smart contracts. By default, this is powered by the Valist.io hosted infrastructure, but you can easily point at another IPFS node.

This enables global distribution of data that you can rely on long into the future.

Gasless meta-transactions

Everyone hates gas fees.

Why would developers like paying every time to publish version 1.0.3 of their app?

Set a price for paid-products

If you're selling a product like a game or other software assets, you can set pricing information in your project settings. This creates a Software License NFT that you can use to embed license checks within your application.

The Valist frontend interfaces will detect and facilitate the payments directly to your project.

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