Web3-native software distribution

The best way for developers and DAOs to securely publish, fetch, auto-update, and fairly monetize software and games.

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Web3-native way to distribute your software

Right now, there's a massive amount of energy spent in the effort towards decentralization. Yet, we're re-centralizing things by using web2 platforms to distribute software.

With Valist, developers and DAOs can decentralize the software distribution process. Instead of relying on centralized tools to release new versions, projects can coordinate critical releases in a transparent way.

Your favorite protocols, with a simple interface

Valist brings together the best in class web3 protocols to create a seamless developer experience. Your software is published to IPFS and archived to Filecoin, and your release is notarized with Polygon.

All of this happens behind the scenes -- in fact, you don't even need a wallet to get started. With gasless transactions and passwordless email login support, you can get started with zero configuration. Prefer to manage your own? You can still use MetaMask, Rainbow, WalletConnect, other wallets, and multi-sig setups.

Your publishing and discovery toolkit

Valist is not just a way to port your web2 software development process to web3.

Valist is a unified discovery platform that enables a direct relationship between software publishers and users.

Publish software with your Ethereum address, get Proof of Contribution

Build your developer reputation with Proof of Contribution NFTs, and create provable links between your identity and software you publish.

Monetize apps and games with Software License NFTs

Create Software License NFTs to fairly monetize your applications and games, without asking Steam or Apple for permission.

Discover, share, and collaborate

Valist indexes software across multiple protocols, and enables community curation of content. Get your game or application in front of the right audience!

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